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See ya there in May! April 21, 2009

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Koh Samui*

Koh Samui*

Full moon party--Koh Phangan

Full moon party--Koh Phangan

full-moon-party-in-thailand-3As it comes toward graduation, our minds started to wander to many places.

Every places, except here….

We, the senior class of 2009, will be going to Koh Samui and Koh Phangan as graduation trip.

Must be a blast since it’s our last official trip together as university students.

Our last chance, as a student, to be crazy without being blamed.

Now, I should live with the present here.

Must study.

Until then……………..

(holding my breath!)


2 Responses to “See ya there in May!”

  1. klaew Says:

    time pass so quick ner! 🙂
    u r going to graduate laew a !

    how about me???
    still have 3 yrs left -*-

    anyway CONGRATULATION naaaaaa ^^

    wish u can get a very good job
    not boring one lagan 555

  2. weerachai Says:

    best article samui thailand

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